Friday, January 27, 2012

LaTeX Tutorial: How to use Lists in Latex - itemize, enumerate, description, and inparaenum

LaTeX is a great tool for typesetting and it is more powerful than MS-Word. It has a steep learning curve and that is why I believe these video tutorials will help you guys. Today, I am going to talk about lists in LaTeX. LaTeX can produce both bulleted lists or unordered lists, and numbered lists or ordered lists. We will also see how to use lists with descriptions given to each list item.

Specifically, we are going to have an introduction of following topics in LaTex:
  • Lists in LaTeX: Itemize, enumerate, inparalist, and description
    • Itemized list in LaTeX for bullets
    • enumerated list in LaTeX for numbered lists
    • inparalist in LaTeX for lists wrapped around text
    • description lists in LaTeX for lists with description for each item
  • Nested lists in LaTeX
  • Using styles for numbering lists (roman, in parenthesis etc.)
  • Use of paralist LaTeX package
Here is the video for this tutorial:

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The code for this tutorial is here:

\title{Creating Bullets and Lists with \LaTeX by}
\section{Bullets and Lists in \LaTeX}
\item First bullet is here
\item Second bullet is here
\begin {enumerate}
\item This is item number 1
\item This is item number 2
\begin {description}
\item [Chapter 1] This is the first desciption
\item [Chapter 2] This is the second description
There are three advantages of this method:
\item it is faster,
\item it is cost effective, and
\item it is efficient


  1. you could have mentioned, that you can also create compact lists when using the package paralist. (compactenum or compactitem)
    the "inparaenum" was new for me, thanks for that!

    1. Thanks Julia. I am glad you liked inparaenum.

      Dinesh Agarwal

  2. what if i dont want to display the date??


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